نصیریوں کی محبت کو جب سے دیکھا ہے

ہمارا دل بھی مچلتا ہے کافری کے لئے

Ever since I have seen the love of the Nusayri

My heart too insists on disbelief

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Hai iftikhar-e-sukhan Shaad zikr-e-aal-e-aba

Na dhoond aur koi unwaan shayri ke liye



Are they humans to you now??

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Now, the trust (your daughter) has been returned, and what had been given has been taken back. As to my grief, it knows no bounds, and as to my nights, they will remain sleepless till Allah chooses for me the house in which you are now residing.
Imam Ali ibn abi Talib addressing the soul of the Prophet Muhammad

Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 201
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If you’re a Muslim and you choose to play dumb when it comes to ISIS and remain silent, then I will remind you of the same things you people have been saying in regards to Palestine and Israel. If you’re silent in times of injustice and oppression, then you have taken the side of the oppressor. Stop turning a blind eye, and stand up to this cancer that’s plaguing our region. 


An IDF solider with a twisted ankle is breaking news and 800+ massacred Palestinians are justifiable and pose as sub headlines that aren’t even worth the ink to bold the font, on a good day.

Media outlets aren’t even trying to hide their racism and biases at this point.


Laylatul Qadr at Jamkaran, Iran.

Never compromise on 3 things:



Wilayat-e-Maula Ali (as), Haq-e-Zahra (sa), and Azadaari of Maula Hussain (as)!

Authority of Imam Ali,

Right of Fatima Zahra,

Mourning commemoration tradition of Imam Hussayn

Never compromise on 3 things:


Wilayat-e-Maula Ali (as), Haq-e-Zahra (sa), and Azadaari of Maula Hussain (as)!