Sayeda Zainab’s (AS) Shrine. (From my brother’s trip)

I thought these were beautiful & wanted to share them :)

The relationship between Sabr (patience) & Eemaan (faith)


[قال علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه: (ألا إنَّ الصبر من الإيمان بمنزلة الرأس من الجسد، فإذا قطع الرأس باد الجسد، ثم رفع صوته فقال: ألا إنه لا إيمان لمن لا صبر له)]

Ali ibn abi Taalib said: “Verily Sabr is to Eemaan what the head is to the body. When the head is cut off, the body falls. (He then…
If you knew how powerful the sujood is, you would never lift your head off of the ground.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

(Source: dreamofjannah)